Region 11 CYO Soccer
Archdiocese of Philadelphia
Chris Pacheco

2004 Soccer Rules

Region 11 CYO Soccer provides competition in the following four divisions:
1. Varsity Boys and Varsity Girls: 7th and 8th grade students who have not reached their 15th birthday by September 1st. (Co-ed teams must play in the Boys Division.)
2. Junior Varsity Boys and Junior Varsity Girls: 5th and 6th grade students who have not reached their 13th birthday by September 1st. (Co-ed teams must play in the Boys Division.)

-- All rules regarding eligibility are governed by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia CYO Athletic Handbook. Any exceptions to the Archdiocese Eligibility rules must receive permission from the Archdiocesan CYO Athletic Director. Varsity (7/8th Grade) players that do not attend a Parish school must complete and sign the Player Eligibility Affidavit along with their legal guardian(s) and coach in order for the team to qualify for the Archdiocesan Tournament. The Affidavit is a certification and promise that the player is not and will not play soccer for their non-Parish school team during the 2004-05 school year.

Coaching Eligibility—All head and assistant coaches must be listed on the Parish Coaching card and follow all eligibility requirements.

Playing Rules -- Game rules are governed by the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA) except as noted in these rules.

Archdiocese Roster Fee & Deadline -- The 2004 Archdiocese Roster Fee of $30.00 for each Varsity and/or Junior Varsity team is included in the Region 11 League Fee. The Archdiocese "Drop-Dead" deadline for receipt of Rosters at CYO Central is Thursday, September 16, 2004.

Playing Rules --
1. Junior Varsity (5/6th Grades) use a #4 ball.
2. Varsity (7/8th Grades) use a #5 ball.
3. All teams will play 30-minute halves -- running clock -- with a five (5) minute half-time. The clock shall not stop when a goal is scored or a player is carded.
4. No player will be allowed to play if they are wearing jewelry of any kind, including newly pierced ears even if covered.
5. No player will be allowed to play with a permanent cast or hard splint.
6. If a game is suspended due to lightning, the score will stand at the point of suspension if the first half has been completed. If the first half has not been completed, then the game will be re-played in its entirety.
7. In case of lateness, officials are to wait 15 minutes after the scheduled starting time before declaring a forfeit.
8. If the official is late or absent for a game, the game may be played if both coaches agree to it. No protests on officiating during such a game will be considered.

League Fees -- The Region 11 League Fee -- which includes the $30 per team Archdiocese Roster Fee -- for each Varsity (7/8th Grade) and each Junior Varsity (5/6th Grade) team is TBD. The League Fee payable to Region 11 CYO Soccer will be due TBA.

Team Data Sheet – Team Data Sheets are to be submitted via fax or e-mail to the League Commissioner by August 16, 2004. Teams submitting Registration Forms after August 30, 2004 may be excluded from the League at the Commissioner's discretion, especially if Game Scheduling has begun.

Rosters --
Completed team CYO rosters are due at the Athletic Directors' meeting on September 8, 2004. Additional players may be added to a team's roster by contacting the League Commissioner no later than the Region 11 soccer "drop-dead" date of 6:00 pm, September 15, 2004. (Reason: The last day for Region 11 to submit its Fall sports rosters to CYO Central is September 16, 2004.) NOTE: ALL REGION 11 ROSTERS ARE FROZEN AS OF 6:00 P.M. - SEPTEMBER 15, 2004.
2. To be eligible for the Archdiocesan Varsity (7/8th Grade) Tournament, a Player Eligibility Form must accompany the Varsity Roster for each player that does not attend a Parish school.
Only Varsity teams submitting rosters in full compliance with Archdiocese eligibility rules may advance to the Archdiocesan CYO Soccer Tournament. Rosters for Varsity teams playing only at the Region level should be clearly marked "REGION-ONLY."

Referee Fees -- Referees are to be paid at the rate of $32.00 per game for Varsity and $28.00 for Junior Varsity when 2 or more games are played back-to-back. The referee fee for a Single Game is $36.00. Each team will pay one-half of the fee to the referee prior to the game. Teams are responsible for paying the referee the full game fee if proper advance notification of a canceled game is not provided or if a game is canceled because a proper First Aid kit is not produced for inspection by the referee.

Schedules -- Scheduling is done at the discretion of the League Commissioner. The Regular season will begin on or about Friday, September 10, 2004. The only acceptable reasons for postponing a game are:
Inclement Weather ==> The Field must be UNPLAYABLE.
Parish Function ==> Should be noted on the Team Data Sheet.
Permission of the League Commissioner is required for all postponements except Inclement Weather. Postponement without permission may result, at the discretion of the League Commissioner, in the following actions:
-- Forfeit of the game by both teams.
-- The home team coach assumes responsibility for payment of the official(s).
All postponed games are to be rescheduled within 48 hours and cleared through the League Commissioner or his designee. All games must be played on the first available playing date. Games not made up will be treated as FORFEITS for both teams.

Inclement Weather -- In case of inclement weather the HOME team coach is responsible for notifying the opposing team and the League Commissioner. Postponements are to be avoided if at all possible. If the field is unplayable, but weather conditions are acceptable, then an alternate field should be used if available. The home team coach is to inspect the field at least two hours before game time for playing conditions. A minimum of two hours advance notice is required or the home team may be responsible to pay the official as if the game were played. The home team coach is to contact the visiting team to decide whether or not to play the game. If the decision is made to cancel, then the home team coach should contact the League Commissioner or designee. Once a decision has been made to play a game, if a dispute should arise over playing conditions then the referee's decision is final. The home team is responsible for paying the referee one-half the game fee, if the game is then postponed.

Team Responsibilities --
1. The home team is responsible for striping the field and providing corner flags and nets which are properly secured.
2. The home team is responsible for providing the game ball, but the final decision on selection of the game ball is up to the official.
3. Each team must provide one linesman if the referee so desires. Linesmen are to meet with the referee before the game.
4. The home team is responsible for ensuring that at least one First Aid kit is readily accessible at the field -- even if it belongs to the visiting team. A game will be immediately FORFEITED by BOTH Teams if the referee cannot verify that one or more kits exist and have, as a minimum, Surgical-Type Gloves, Band-Aids, and Cold Packs or Freeze Spray. Ice is acceptable providing that a plastic bag or cloth towel is available for its application to an injury.

Scores & Standings -- All Varsity and Junior Varsity scores should be reported ASAP by the winning team (home team in case of a tie) to Ed Brokans via e-mail -- -- so standings can be kept current. Scores and all pertinent information for any of the games can be obtained at the Region 11 web site:

Playoffs -- Standings and seedings for Playoffs are determined by a team's final regular season record. Three (3) points are awarded for each win, one (1) point for each tie, zero (0) points for a loss, and for a forfeit:
MINUS one (1) point (First Time)
MINUS two (2) points (Second Time)
MINUS three (3) points (Third Time)
The number of teams qualifying for the Playoffs in each Division will depend of the number of teams participating and will be announced prior to the season.
In the case of a tie by two or more teams who have all qualified for the playoffs, the following tie breakers will be used:
o The team with the best record in the games between the teams involved in the tie will receive the highest seeding.
o If the teams are still tied, then a coin toss will determine the playoff seeding.
If two or more teams are tied for the last playoff spot, then a special playoff game (or games) shall be played. No team shall be eliminated from a playoff spot without benefit of a special playoff game. Special playoff games will be played between the end of the regular season and the start of playoffs. In the event of such a special playoff, a coin toss will determine the home team and field. If field availability is a problem, then the League Commissioner shall determine the site of the special playoff game. Teams involved in playoffs shall pay for referees for all playoff games, including the Championship game. Playoffs require two referees per game at $35.00 each. Each team will pay one referee prior to the game.

Game Tiebreakers -- If a playoff game is tied at the end of regulation, the following procedure will be used:
o Two ten-minute overtimes will be played with the teams exchanging ends between periods. (NO GOLDEN GOAL -- Play the complete 20 minutes.) Possession of the ball will be decided by a coin flip in the conclusion of regulation play. The HOME team will call the flip.
o If the game is still tied at the conclusion of the overtime periods, then penalty kicks will be used to break the tie. Each team will take five penalty kicks on an alternating basis with a coin flip to decide the order. Any five different players (including the goalie) may take a shot. If succeeding rounds of penalty kicks are needed, then all players are again eligible but for only one kick. The goalie may be changed after each separate kick in any round. Goalie must be ready when it is his/her turn in the goal.

Region Playoff Format --
Four Team Playoff
Semi-Final: Seed 1 vs Seed 4; Seed 2 vs Seed 3
Championship Game: Winner (1-4) vs Winner (2-3)
Six Team Playoff:
Quarterfinals: Seeds 1 and 2 - Bye; Seed 3 vs Seed 6; Seed 4 vs Seed 5.
Semi-Finals: Seed 1 vs. Seed 4 v 5 Winner; Seed 2 vs Seed 3 v 6 Winner
Championship Game: Semi-Final Winners.
The Region 11 Championship Games in all four Divisions will be played on Friday or Saturday evening , the first weekend in November.

Archdiocesan Playoff Format -- Except for Region-only teams, Varsity teams participating in the Region Playoffs are eligible to play in the Archdiocesan Tournament. Should the Archdiocese permit two teams to participate in the Archdiocesan Soccer Tournament the two teams that play in the "Championship" game of the Region Playoffs for each Varsity Division are the two teams that will represent Region 11 for that Division in the Archdiocesan Tournament. The winner of the Championship game will be identified as Team #1 and the runner-up will be identified as Team #2 in the Archdiocesan Tournament.
Once the number of Region-only teams participating at the Varsity 7/8th Grade level is confirmed, the League Commissioner will determine a procedure for identifying Region 11's representatives to the Archdiocesan Tournament in the event one or more of the Region-only teams qualify for the Region playoffs.
Discipline --
1. All red or yellow cards must be reported to the League Commissioner or the person designated within twenty-four (24) hours or before the next scheduled game (whichever comes sooner) by the coach of the team that has been carded.
2. Three (3) yellow cards received for unsportsmanlike conduct during the season will result in a minimum one (l) game suspension.
3. If a player or coach is red carded for unsportsmanlike conduct, then the League Commissioner or person designated must be notified within twenty-four (24) hours or before the next scheduled game (whichever comes sooner) by the coach of the offending team. There will be a minimum two (2) game suspension, plus the game in which the offense occurred.
4. Slide tackles from behind are an automatic ejection from the game and suspension from playing the next three (3) games.

Posted: September 10, 2004